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You have been invited to apply to the Same Page Mastermind by someone who knows, likes and trusts you. It's an honor to be part of such a group especially when you realize just how deep the relationships that emerge go and just how impactful the changes to both your business and your personal life can be. 

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20 Continuing Education Units (CEU's) Earned

KEYNOTE: Dr. Villanueva


Building a practice on your own is no easy task. I know because, before I founded MB2 Dental, I was in your shoes. I rejected the idea that our only options were to keep practicing alone or sell out to a faceless corporation.

So I partnered with others in our profession to build a better way to practice dentistry.

At MB2 Dental, we help you combine the benefits of partnering with a larger organization, like shared services and access to capital, with the independence and autonomy you love about owning your own practice.

– Dr. V., MB2 Dental Founder

What is the Same Page Mastermind?

This group has been created to fill a void in the dental community where doctors who own practices want more from their practices. There are many who have established their practices and want to maximize their output and productivity. They need help. They also want to grow their investment education and there again, they need help. And finally, they want a life that provides them options so they can choose what they want to do on their terms. Again, they need help.

We are here to serve primarily dental practice owners with a program that is not leader driven or group coaching. There is no curriculum. The group is curated, facilitated and follows the hot seat approach with added education as our methodology. It also includes bringing in non dental experts who provide education for practice management, investing and personal development. This is a community where accountability through peer mentoring leads the way. As a facilitator, it's my job to become less so you can become more!

We stand proudly on our four pillars:  


The values of people we tend to attract...

  • TRUSTWORTHY - we are... people who do the right thing because it's the right thing to do; people who are ethical, reliable and understand our reputation is built by our actions, not words; people who are trustworthy.
  • GROWTH-ORIENTED - we are... people who are open-minded and strive for more so they can do more; people who understand their massive success opens doors for unparalleled giving; people who are growth-oriented.
  • HELPFUL - we are... people who go above and beyond and believe in the power of many; people who are accessible and collaborate to multiply our impact to others; people who help people.
  • ACCOUNTABLE - we are... people who accept responsibility and own it; people who keep our word through our unwavering actions; people who are accountable.

Why do people seek us?

  • They are looking for help with their practice
  • They are looking to maximize their practice output
  • They seek guidance from experts
  • They lack knowledge of investment options
  • They are looking to maximize their investments
  • They are people who want to be pushed to achieve success in all areas of their life

Who this mastermind is not for...

  • People who tend to not be willing to share their best stuff
  • People who tend to take from others but not give
  • People who tend to be negative
  • People who tend to not take the actions they know will help them
  • People who tend to say one thing and do another
  • People who tend to be fake and insincere
  • If this is a community where you believe you can help them in one or more areas of their lives and you would like us to consider extending an invitation to attend, please complete the "I Want To Apply" form below.

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